All Compound Information

All compounds are rim friendly.
All brake formulas are formulated and compounded at Kool Stop® to ensure the highest quality !

Black – Our standard compound which is great for all weather conditions, but designed for dry condition riding.

Colours – Our coloured pads are a semi–aggressive compound that will give you good performance in all weather conditions.


Salmon – Our most famous Salmon compound is also one of our most aggressive compounds for extreme all weather conditions especially in the wet, but still superb in the dry.

Dual – A fusion of our two finest compounds which will give superb braking in all weather conditions. This combination produces a more controlled smooth stop!

Triple – Our triple compound is our most aggressive compound combination for superb braking and controlled stopping in all weather conditions.

Electric – Our E-Electric compound is formulated specifically for the higher speeds and weights of electric bicycles.

Clear / Trails – is an extreme compound for only experienced trick or trails riders needing a compound that will instantly lock the wheels.

Compounds Specialty Rims

Ceramic – This compound was designed for ceramic coated rims and is great in all weather conditions.

Rigida – For Rigida CSS rims

Carbon – Our original carbon compound which works great for most carbon wheels but will wear quicker on fast steep descents.

Carbon 2 – This compound works great on most carbon wheels and is designed to withstand those fast steep descents without a lot of pad wear.

1003 – Our newest carbon compound designed for the cross bike racers to give superb braking in any condition that you can throw at it.