The BMX Pad is a top choice for BMX bikes direct pull brakes. The curved design allows this longer more rigid pad to contour the rim for better brake performance.


Hardened and Plated reinforced steel backbone
Patented Angled tip plow
Water grooves
Knurl-lock™ washer system
Available only in Threaded


Weight per pair: 61.7 grams
Overall length: 78.5 mm
Pad contact width: 8.5 mm

Pad Types Available:

Black / Part Number KS-BMXB
Salmon / Part Number KS-BMXSA
Dual Compound / Part Number KS-BMXDL
Silver / Part Number KS-BMXS
Purple / Part Number KS-BMXP
Pink / Part Number KS-BMXPK
White White / Part Number KS-BMXW
Ceramic / Part Number KS-BMXC